What is Tosk all about?

Tosk is the missing piece in the omni-channel puzzle, where the physical store becomes an integrated part of the digital store with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are offering a systems solution for simplifying and enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. For the store our solution opens a direct digital channel to the consumer, including efficient solutions […]

The product

Our solution is built on three components: Artificial Intelligence (AI) where  a Computer Vision based system, together with a sensor fusion network, matches  products and customers in the store to track which customer purchased a certain product. Hardware, with an RFID-tag to be attached to the product like a price tag, and an in-store installed […]


We are a startup company with a broad knowledge in designing complex systems. The team has a background in artificial intelligence (AI), technical algorithm development and optimization, e-commerce systems / frameworks, server architecture and last but not least electronics and general programming.